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Jacklyn by ronnieradkelover
This is my new girl that I got in a giveaway from Anne Pecaro. She is a Delilah Noir Lady Onyx. She has Providence's old wig on and some obviously edited eye shadow and eye brow pencil. I didn't think I was gonna bond with her and that she'd stay in a box. She didn't have a name until my Guniea Pig JackJack passed away. I was and still am aimlessly heart broken. I decided to name her Jacklyn after him and maybe do what Denali Wind did with Kapu and let Jack live through her. She's helping me through the grieving process. I have two tiny teddies and half a blanket that I have to match with the ones he was buried with. I miss him dearly and as much as I don't like using material things to cope she's helping a lot. I know that in Heaven JackJack is playing and waiting on me and I know that we'll be together again one day. Heaven just wouldn't be perfect without him.

Rest in Peace my Guinea Pirate, angel boy.
JackJack 2010-2014
Providence's new look by ronnieradkelover
Providence's new look
So I finally got around to giving him a new face up and a hair cut. He looks a lot mess. I like this more natural look for him rather than the wide eye black Sharon Needles eyeshadow he had going on. Plus his eyebrows are actually in the right place. I'm slowly deviating from his emo/kpop/angsty teenager look and taking him to a new route. I am working with HallowHawlk to create a new look for him and a commission from her should be in the works by January, because she's so busy. He's probably gonna be a more Dark Mori kind of look since his story is changing so drastically. So yes, here he is. 
Hello All! As you can see I don't log on here often at all. You can find me on tumblr at angelicpyschdelic.tumblr or Adria Ward on Youtube. While you're at it; If you know anyone who is selling a 40cm obitsu doll (head and body) for at most 170$ PLEASE sent me an ask on tumblr and let me know! 
Since I cant use my tablet to write a new journal I'm writing over my last one-
:blush: Why hello xD its been a year or two.
Yeah, I dont use this site like at all. I still have Bjds, my first face up'd and completed the other just needs proper clothes getting 3rd and 4th soon maybe, bleached my hair, still kinda cosplay, still do horror make up, just older. I moved states and grew up. Pierced my septum, and both sides of my nose along with angel bites but justthe septum remains, and in all I've changed. I have a wonderful boyfriend , Greta and Ibroke up last year, and im currently getting art credits sko I can major in graphic art and design, I was gonna delete this page  ut I'd regret it :sigh: I've been through alot :tired: butif you guys still wanna keep up find me here:
Danny Adria Radke- Facebook
Adria Ward -YouTube
Private ask for - tumblr
Shadowedsiren- instagram

So yeah nothing (tra lala la) that new cx
Still love you guys and thanks for supporting :heart:  :glomp:

Adria out ~ :waves:
July 2014
11/07/2014 <▪▪▪ yes this is July 11th
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ronnieradkelover's Profile Picture
Adria Ward/AngelicPyschdelic
United States
Why hello there ;)
I'm Adria
I am AngelicPsychdelic on Tumblr
Adria Ward on Youtube
Danny Adria Radke on Facebook

I am 17 as of nov 2014
I live in GA and am a bjd owner of three precious resin angels.
I am currently taken by a wonderful boy named Zack<3
I consider my self a goth, baby bat prolly.
I am an evangelist Christian and open to everyone's opinion.]\
Message, flag, report, whatever cx

Have a blessed Day<3

John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his only son and whoever shall believeth in him shall have eternal life.

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